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About us

Amusone is a young yet fast-growing company with a team of creative individuals who love to solve complexities by making them simple. Our deep experience allowed us to design our own CTV app.

The whole world is now at our fingertips, that's why we are sure that digital is the future. According to trends, today's consumers believe that streaming video devices offer greater opportunities than classic TV units. With the availability of this technology throughout the geographical boundaries, it comes in handy when providing swift-loading content to users. Considering our fast-paced world, superior and seamless TV-like experiences are key.

We believe in long-lasting relationships that are valuable for all business sides.

Our Mission

To make gaming content accessible by combining top-notch CTV technologies, emerging interest of today’s consumers, and our passion for creating gaming units.

Our Mission

Why Us?

Amusone empowers brands to connect with a greatly engaged OTT audience via scrupulously customized, non-skippable ad elements.

The future of video marketing

People all over the globe have adjusted their viewing habits and plunged into streaming services, staying away from trivial television.

Today's CTV and OTT options allow businesses to offer highly customized promotional content directly to their target audience, which is an extremely effective affair.

CTV and OTT have allured billions of viewers all over the world as well as advertisers.

Recent studies show that over 75% of households are riveted to CTV. This makes everything easier for advertisers including their wallets. People don't mind watching advert due to cheap or absolutely free content.

The future of video marketing
Audience geography:

USA 85%

СA - 10%

LATAM - 5%

Headquarters: ul. Jaktorowska 24, Zyrardow, 96-300, Poland

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